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Ultimate Sandbag DVD High Octane SPORTS

Ultimate Sandbag DVD High Octane SPORTS

Being an athlete doesn't mean you have to always be competing. Training to become stronger, more fit, and become more resilient to injury, should be the goal of everyone. That is the goal of our High Octane Sports Performance DVD. Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, and Cem Eren, take you step by step through SIX of our most challenging workouts to develop your fitness in all arenas.

- Want to become more explosive?
- Want to avoid the mistakes of most fitness programs?
- Want to become more resilient to injury?
- Want to have the ability to keep up with your kids or hit the courts/field in any sport?
- Want to get that edge over the competition?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then this is a must have DVD for you!

"I work with NBA basketball players and absolutely love the ruggedness and variety the Ultimate Sandbag™ provides. You can do almost every single "conventional" exercise with them and their portability is great for working with teams. I try to keep my workouts fresh with creative and challenging exercises and drills; as long as they are safe, efficient, and productive. The Ultimate Sandbag™ meet all these requirements. Plus my players love using them!"-Alan Stein, Stronger Team LLC

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